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Telopea 2017- Comments from SEVEN year 10 students

What key message did you take home from Lindy's presentation?

  1. Never give up on your dreams, to never give up, be relentless
  2. It is important to try and there is always a way to achieve your dreams and goals.
  3. Sometimes things can be bad but it will get better
  4. The message I received from Lindy's presentation was to think positive and be optimistic.
  5. helped you think you can do anything and nothing should stop you following your dreams.
  6. She was a very positive person despite her disability and she ahs a positive approach to life
  7. Chase dreams with determination and never give up. No excuses…, the grind never stops

Lindy would like some feedback from you on her presentation. What would you like her to know?

  1. I am amazed
  2. inspirational, engaging, liked seeing the clip of her cycling
  3. It was really good and really inspirational. She was able to get her message across while making it interesting for her audience (teenagers). The visuals were really good, I especially liked seeing the clip of her cycling.
  4. I really enjoyed the presentation, it inspired me to pursue a career that I was unsure but passionate about
  5. It was a great and inspirational!
  6. She was an engaging speaker with a well-structured narrative. A good message
  7. All your stories were inspiring and your dog was an absolute legend. I also liked your sense of humour and banter that went on at times during the presentation.

Would you recommend this presentation to Year 10 students next year?

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes
  5. Yes
  6. Yes
  7. Yes

Why would you recommend/not recommend this presentation?

  1. I was a very inspiration. Made me think twice on my future.
  2. message is important, helps us to understand purpose
  3. I would recommend this as it was really inspirational and a very good message to send across to young people who have dreams but are too nervous.
  4. because it was fun to listen to
  5. Because it inspires people to do what they really want to do in their lives and careers.
  6. Engaging and better to meet someone that has accomplished someone than learn about it one paper.
  7. It was very motivational and lifted spirits of the y10s

2016 Kaleen Primary

Thank you so much for your time and presentation last Friday – student and staff feedback was overwhelmingly positive. They loved seeing your medals and sharing in your story of grit and perseverance. It was a great alignment to help our students understand different perspectives and to our social and emotional focus this semester about courage and saying “I can”. Laurie Campbell, Principal

2016 Ngunnawal Primary

Thank you so much for visiting 2SL on Friday. I think that I was just as excited as the students to meet you and to hear your story. We will definitely be following up your visit with an activity about students working out what their dream is so that they can work towards achieving it. It was a great privilege to meet a Paralympic champion. Laurie Imhoff

Hawker College SLG

Lindy Hou is a genuine hero and inspiration. Lindy was the keynote speaker for Hawker College’s 'TEDDY Talks’, setting the tone for the rest of a successful event. Engaging an audience of college students and members of the wider community, Lindy’s presentation was funny, insightful and motivational. Highlights included Lindy’s recreation of the moment she won gold at the Athen’s Paralympics and encouraging audience members to shake their neighbour’s hand with their eye’s closed. At the end of a 45 minute presentation, Lindy welcomed questions from the floor; which included a beautiful discourse with Ngunnawal women, Aunty Violet Sherida, where she invited Lindy to share her motivational speech at an event to Indigenous youth. The beauty of Lindy's presentation is that it addresses and engages all people, retrospective of age or life experience. Absolutely would have Lindy speak again. Thank you!

Ineka on behalf of the Hawker College SLG

Telopea Park School-
Year 9 and Year 10 Girls.
  • Lindy Hou is an amazing inspiration and a great role model. She spoke very clearly and was very funny
  • Well! The presentation was lovely and very inspirational that it made my faith in my dream strong and gave me courage to do it, and I am going to do it!!
  • Lindys talk was very inspirational. She was very funny and engaging while speaking. She spoke clearly and at a good volume. I really enjoyed her presentation
  • Lindy Hou’s presentation was amazing!.It has inspired me to try and achieve my dreams!
  • I think Lindy Hou was really amazing and very inspirational. I was having troubles putting my priorities straight between school and my dream but now I know which way to go and that was due to her speech. Me and Lindy have or had very similar dreams and she made me realise I can still fulfil my dream even after I have finished school. She is a lovely person and I hope other years I get to listen to her and hear about her experiences.
  • Lindy Hou showed me how to make the best of every situation and how lucky I am to be in the situation I am in. She was very inspirational and funny.
  • It was a very inspiring story that was one captivating and two very funny and inspirational. The postcard was a nice idea, especially because they were printed nicely.
  • Lindy was an amazing presenter and I loved listening to her. I’d even listen to her all over again!
  • I really enjoyed Lindy Hou’s presentation. She was funny and she had an amazing story to tell. I found it all very inspirational.
  • I really enjoyed hearing Lindy’s story and it taught me that I can’t let anything get in the way of my dreams. Very interesting presentation .Lindy Hou is a very inspirational person who we all look up to.
  • I believe that Lindy was very inspirational and delivered a motivational speech that uplifted my day.
  • Thank you for coming. I was amazed by your courage and your hard work. You inspired me to follow my dreams as before I thought they were impossible. Thank you.
  • Lindy Hou’s presentation last time was truly inspiring. She taught us through her own story that achieving one’s goals is always worthwhile, regardless of how difficult it may be to accomplish them. We learnt to always have a dream or a goal to work towards in life and to never give up until they all come true.
  • It was amazing to see lindy talk about her passion in front of us and it captivated everyone in the room.
  • Lindy kept everyone engaged throughout the presentation. Realistic but entertaining and inspiring.
  • She was really inspiring and motivational.
  • I found it very inspirational and motivating to pursue my dreams.
  • I think Lindy was a real inspiration to all the people she spoke to last week. Lindy helped me think about what my dream is and how I can achieve it.
  • I felt that Lindy Hou’s presentation was extremely inspiring and it amazed me that she had never done velodrome bike races before she started losing her eye sight.
  • The presentation was very well organised and inspirational in many different ways. The light- hearted and humorous manner in which it was conducted made the presentation very interesting.
  • I was really happy to listen to her story, it was interesting and it was great that she is sharing her story.
  • Her presentation was inspiring and very touching.
  • Her presentation was truly inspiring, and I loved how she talked to us girls in an easy manner, and communicated with us easily. She made us laugh and it was great!
  • I thought her presentation was very inspirational indeed. Lindy Hou was being so motivational about the whole thing of dreaming big and if you truly believe in your dreams, they will come true and I found it really amazing that Lindy Hou have dreamed to win a medal and that’s what she did. Overall her presentation made me realise that dreams do actually come true if you believe.
  • Lindy Hou spoke very enthusiastically to us for about an hour about her achieving her dreams going through little difficulties here and there. I found it very interesting to see that if you wanted something and fought to have it then you just might make it. It was encouraging and motivation for me.
  • I think she was absolutely fantastic- Inspirational and heart warming. Her story is amazing and I feel so privileged to have met her.
  • The presentation inspired me to follow my dream and fight for what I really want to do.
  • A wonderful presentation with an inspiring story, a comfortable presenter and a beautiful message. Lindy Hou’s motivational speech was seriously worthwhile. Thank you.
  • The presentation of Lindy Hou was amazing. It made me think again about what I would really love to do and how I could achieve it.
  • Lindy was a great speaker.
  • What Lindy spoke about was really inspirational and showed lots of passion.
  • It was an interesting presentation and also very motivating to follow our dreams.
  • I really liked her presentation. Lindy is such an inspiration. I loved her story.
  • Lindy Hou was extraordinarily awe inspiring. She made me believe I have the ability to do whatever I set my heart on and that no matter my circumstances I’m important and that I have the power to do what I want and love.
  • Lindy Hou is a dynamic and incredibly inspirational woman. It was a great privilege to hear her story of hardship, and to learn from her example of hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity. Her gold medal is a testament to her insurmountable strength.
  • Lindy Hou’s presentation was both awe inspiring and motivational. Her expansion & her story showed great strength & her will to achieve her dreams & overcome her hardships despite them being difficult, she moved on.