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Testimonials from China trip - March 2018

In March I was invited to visit Guangzhou and Hong Kong for speaking engagements to celebrate International Women's Day.

Fiona Cochaud, Deputy Consul General of Guangzhou, summed up my time in Guangzhou in her letter:

“Ms Lindy Hou OAM visited Guangzhou 4-7 March 2018. She was a keynote speaker at several events organised by the Australian Consulate-General in Guangzhou to mark International Women's Day. Her personal story of positivity and resilience in facing adversity resonated strongly with both blind and sighted audiences. Our local staff were particularly thrilled at the opportunity to meet a Paralympic champion in person and see her medals. Ms Hou also spoke with enthusiasm and humour to a large group of high school students and teachers at the Guangzhou School for the Blind, enabling them to speak with confidence about their own hopes and dreams.

It was a great pleasure to host Ms Hou — she was personally recommended to us as an inspirational achiever, and she did not disappoint! “