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Motivational Speaking


Lindy’s motivational talks come from deeply emotional personal experience.

“Making the best of our ability to perform our personal best”, is Lindy’s motto and she uses this maxim to share with her audience her journey of creating success and overcoming challenges.

Lindy’s extensive experience allows her to relate to all people; her inspirational presentations enthuse every on from the top end of business to school children to community groups.

During her corporate life, Lindy presented papers at conferences, and ran many training courses. The experience gained during this time allowed Lindy to build a solid foundation for public speaking – especially in the Corporate World where she understands the issues and challenges they face.

Over the last few years Lindy has had the opportunity to speak in front of diverse groups of all ages, including corporate, school and community speaking engagements.

Because she believes that staying positive in life is the foundation to success both in business and in life, Lindy loves the challenge and fulfilment of these presentations and looks forward to every opportunity to share her life experience and motivate others.

“When I realized that being down and out got me nowhere I decided to dig myself out of the dirt and do the best that I could with what I have. I share the lowest point in my life to show that when I changed my attitude I began the journey of success.”

Lindy is able to engage her audience to look at challenges that they too have to face in life and help them use these challenges as a stepping stones to the next chapter in their lives.


Each presentation can be tailored to the needs of each organisation and situation.

Goal setting to achieve your life dream.

The Winning Team through Teamwork.

Overcoming set backs and staying positive in life.