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Welcome to the Lindy Hou Website

"Paralympic Champion Named Cabonne Australia Day Ambassador"
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Despite being blind since the age of 36, Lindy Hou still managed to:

Comet and Lindy

  • Win a Gold medal at the Athens paralympics at 44.
  • Win 2 World Titles in Igle and Switzerland at 46.
  • Win Silver & Bronze at Bejing Paralympics at 48.
  • Jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane at 49.
  • Rode tandem from Cairns to Melbourne at 49.
  • Complete numerous triathlons by the of age 52.

What is holding you back?
Is it possible that you can achieve more than you think is possible? Read Lindy's story, make a decision to follow your dreams and be all that you can be!

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